Legal Consulting

Doubts between being independent, SL or another option? We have our own legal counsel minding tax, labor, accounting, licenses, permits and other services necessary for your operation.

Food Truck Advise

What size do I need? Which one do I rent or buy? When do I recover the investment? The amount finish cooking? Or lounge or leave it empty?


From logotype to business cards, Food Truck Design, flyers, Branding, styling or packaging.


Needing a website? SEO positioning? Social media management? BLOG setting? Brand expansion? Our Community Managers are ready to do whatever you need..

Food Trucks

Since more than 10 years ago we specialize in importing vehicles from Germany, USA and elsewhere. We take care of all administrative procedures, transfer, ITV, approvals, enrollment for such importation. Once in SPAIN, we restore, paint, fitted up, reviewed and ready to leave the finish you need: Empty Casita or kitchenette.


Do you want to set a STREET FOOD SHOW in your city? Become CITY STREET FOOD and promote all kinds of business with us. We prepare business plans to ensure perfect operation.


Own customized catering for food and drinks . We have more than 15 years of experience. We organize weddings and general events.


We have own insurance specialized in gastronomic events.


Manufactured handmade wrought and cast iron BBQs. Specialized in restaurants and private.

We make customized Street Food Events.